March 21, 2019

Sleep: Interview With Leading Sleep Expert Professor Adrian Williams.

We all worry about sleep, so I was very lucky to interview Professor Adrian Williams one  of the world’s leading experts on the subject. His credentials are impressive. He began his pioneering sleep research at Harvard the late 1970s, then at UCLA. In the mid-1990s, he set up of the one of the UK’s first comprehensive sleep services at St Thomas’s hospital and in 2010, King’s College, London appointed him as the first substantive Professorial Chair in Sleep Medicine in the UK. 

In the interview, we run through why we sleep, the consequences of the lack of sleep, the stages of sleep including Rapid Eye Movement (REM) or dream phase. We also get practical. We talk how long we should sleep, wearable tech, jet lag, the impact of caffeine, alcohol and sleeping pills and how to get a good nights rest. By the way, make sure to subscribe, rate and review!

Here are the timings [mm:ss] for different sections of the interview:

  • Why do we need to sleep [1:42]
  • Lack of sleep similar to being drunk [3:43]
  • How much different animals sleep. [4:08]
  • Human's sleep requirement is 8 hours. Impact of genes [4:41]
  • Consequences of lack of sleep [5:26]
  • Impact on neuro-cognitive functions [5:36]
  • Impact on cardio-vascular/sympathetic system and resultant  high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes issues [5:54]
  • Night shift workers as real-world case of sleep deprivation [7:02]
  • Large section of society is shift work related [8:01]
  • Morning larks vs night owls [8:40]
  • Sleep delayed syndrome. [9:35]
  • Hunger and sleep. [10:25]
  • Society has lack of sleep, which leads to obesity [11:20]
  • Non-REM and REM sleep. The 90 minute cycle. [12:10]
  • Non-REM and its restorative effects. [12:30]
  • REM sleep rewires brain [12:51]
  • Stage of night when REM and non-REM sleep occur. [14:05] 
  • Skin repair and non-REM sleep [14:30]
  • Dreaming [15:03]
  • Best time to wake-up [15:35]
  • The (pre-industrial) natural sleep timings [16:42]
  • Exercise helps sleep [18:22]
  • Siestas [19:49]
  • Catching up on sleep [20:57]
  • Cannot bank sleep.[22:17]
  • Wearables sleep tech [22:30]
  • Future is non-wearables tech [24:03]
  • Caffeine and sleep [26:15] 
  • Alcohol and sleep [27:44]
  • Sleeping pills [28:20]
  • Melatonin [28:59]
  • Melatonin helps overcome jet lag [29:46].
  • How to overcoming jet lag [31:00]
  • Age and sleep [32:10 ]
  • Traffic accident, sleepiness and time of day [34:35]
  • Sleep disorders/apnea [35:45]. 
  • Snoring as sign of sleep disorder [37:08]
  • Top tips to get good sleep [40:00]


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