I'm not going to gloat about Liverpool winning the English Premier league for the first time in thirty years. Instead,  I talk about the lessons we can learn from a once-successful sports team regaining its success after decades in the wilderness. Hopefully, the non-sports fans will find the podcast as interesting as soccer fans. 




It's the one year anniversary of our start-up, Macro Hive. In this podcast, I discuss the five main lessons I've learned along the way from the importance of trust in running a company to not getting outside investors to thinking as an open network rather than a closed shop.




There are some areas of life that appear to lend themselves to training and systems, such as using spreadsheets, law, accounting and medicine. 

But for things like coming up with new ideas or creativity we rely on luck or inspiration. However, there is a way to systematise this. Inspired by a book from the 1940s, in this podcast, I describe a 5-step process for idea generation.

They are in order:

  1. Gathering knowledge.
  2. Reflecting until you are exhausted.
  3. Distracting yourself away from the problem.
  4. Let the magic happen as the idea comes out of nowhere.
  5. Exposing the idea to the world of healthy criticism.

I’ve been using this system and it works. 




In this podcast, I discuss the cyclicality of politics and crises based on two books I've recently read: "The Fourth Turning" by Howe and Strauss and "The Politics Presidents Make" by Skowronek. The idea is to look at political and economic regimes as seasons - where we start with the spring of hope and end with the winter of crisis. This is a recurring feature of recent history.

According to this, on a long cycle, we started with the spring of the post-WW2 hope phase (first turning) and are currently in the crisis phase (fourth turning). Or according to political time, we started with the transformational Reagan years and are now in the disjunctive Trump crisis years. Either way, it makes little sense to extrapolate current crisis trends into the decades ahead, but rather we need to see the crisis as a precursor of the spring of a new more hopeful regime.  

Hope you find it interesting

May 17, 2020

The World After COVID

I got a big reaction to a blog wrote on the world before and after COVID. In this podcast, I expand on the topic. I talk about how boomers will be viewed differently, the shift out of cities, the decline of in-person events, the rise of fast food, and much much more. 



We’ve all played Monopoly. You go around the board, try to accumulate sets of properties build hotels and then drive everyone else into bankruptcy. It can often drag on and on, but it’s worth the wait if it means you defeat your siblings. But did you know that this celebration of monopolistic capitalism was actually based on a game that was meant to show the evils of monopolies?! Find out more in this podcast.

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I’m a huge fan of Oscar Wilde - the 19th-century Irish poet and playwright. He is perhaps the most quoted artist aside from Shakespeare. In this podcast, I pick out some of his best lines that touch on life, love and work.

You can find a more complete list of quotes in this blog.

I hope you find this helpful. You can subscribe to my podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Overcast, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. Just search for “Deep See With Bilal”. Also make sure to rate and review this podcast and enjoy! 


In this podcast, I talk about how the lockdown allows us to experiment with new ways of doing things. Given the scarcity of food, I think it's a great time to think about fasting as a result. As it happens COVID has also coincided with Lent - the time when Christian fasts and now Ramadan - the time when Muslims fast. Something there must something in the ether about this. The science has developed in recent years to suggest how fasting can improve your health. In this podcast, I run through the health benefits of benefits as well as the spiritual and self-development benefits as espoused in Judaism and Islam. I suggest how one can extract the best bits of all of these to try out a lockdown fast. Good luck!

In this podcast, I take stock of six weeks of lockdown. How the world has become less noisy, yet digital distractions have become more present. I talk about how changes in our external circumstances often make only fleeting difference to our personal selves. Therefore, we need to put some effort on our internal lives and how the lockdown provides a great opportunity to do so. Thx. Bilal

April 12, 2020

My Adventures In Cooking

In this podcast, I talk about my new distraction - cooking! One of the positives of the COVID lock-down is my appreciation of food and meals. I'm now preparing meals every day. It's not as hard as I initially thought. There are also deeper meanings around cooking that traditions like Zen Buddhism teach. I also discovered the poet Pablo Neruda's ode to onions! Enjoy Bilal

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