May 24, 2020

How To See Political Crisis As a Season Of Life

In this podcast, I discuss the cyclicality of politics and crises based on two books I've recently read: "The Fourth Turning" by Howe and Strauss and "The Politics Presidents Make" by Skowronek. The idea is to look at political and economic regimes as seasons - where we start with the spring of hope and end with the winter of crisis. This is a recurring feature of recent history.

According to this, on a long cycle, we started with the spring of the post-WW2 hope phase (first turning) and are currently in the crisis phase (fourth turning). Or according to political time, we started with the transformational Reagan years and are now in the disjunctive Trump crisis years. Either way, it makes little sense to extrapolate current crisis trends into the decades ahead, but rather we need to see the crisis as a precursor of the spring of a new more hopeful regime.  

Hope you find it interesting

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